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Hello, I’m Fotini from Greece and I’m a Licensed Tourist Guide.  Being of Greek descent, I was born and raised in Belgium, more specifically in the Flemish Region in the North.   After a short teaching career (German) I took the decision to leave Belgium and settle in my country of origin.  Here in Greece, I discovered the Mediterranean part of myself.  Upon arrival, this wonderful country with its rich culture and history captivated me from the very first moment hence leading me to study at the National Guiding School in Crete from which I graduated in 2001.  Since then, my job has become my hobby!  I just love what I do and interacting with people fascinates me, young or old, from any corner of the world!  I am fluent in Dutch, French, German, English, and Spanish (and Greek of course!) My interest in foreign languages arose from my desire to learn about civilizations whilst appreciating the cultural diversity therefore learning new languages is one of my passions. Today I reside in a northern suburb of Athens with my husband, our two daughters, and our dog.  On a day off I love shopping, listening to music or reading a book, most preferably by the sea!

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